Content AV.

The Social Media Manager's best friend and secret weapon.



Hello, delightful Social Media Manager.

We know your social channels demand an enormous volume of content, and it can be tough to fill each month.

Here at Content AV, we partner with you to fill those spaces with video, picture and podcast content your target audience wants to see.

Please think of us as your own production dept. (we just work from a different office)

We'll work with you to plan your content calendar. Then our full-service production team will make it before you need it. You'll have everything you need at the right time. No scrambling to find relevant imagery to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Day (Jan 21st, btw).

The right person for the right job

From our pool of talented art directors, photographers, video directors, cinematographers, set designers, prop designers, animators, stop motionographers, stylists, hair & makeup artists, researchers and producers we'll put together the best team for each project. We've arranged favourable rates with photo studios (we may be building our own photo studio too, but it's a secret, shhh) that we can pass on to you.

We take the long view

We work best when we work alongside you. That's why we offer special retainer pricing for the clients we love. It means you spread your costs across the year and enables efficient content creation.

These are the kind of things we can do for you. If you have any questions please let us know