Speak to your highest value customer segment 

A highly targeted podcast will capture the attention of your most profitable customer segment. As subscribers, they positively associate your brand in their minds each time you release a new episode.

Combining your release schedule with insights into buying habits you can precisely drop a new episode each week when your listeners are in the right frame of mind.

A valuable archive

By regularly releasing episodes you build up a back catalogue of relevant brand-building content. Establishing yourselves as knowledgeable and helpful. New listeners will spend hours with your brand as they consume past episodes.


If you feel that it may be difficult to maintain regular releases (it won't, we're here to help), we suggest trial running your podcast as a "season." That way you can test the waters without the worry of people thinking you have abandoned your podcast.

Production and technical

We take care of everything. Recording, Audio fixing and mixing, Populating titles, show notes, Uploading and hosting, Distribution, Listenership Statistics.


A podcast is not just an audible medium. By filming it, you generate video content that can be clipped into Instagram videos and placed on Youtube for consumption that way. We make it easy to get the most value out of the useful information you record for your customers.